Merkel'sches Bad, Esslingen
 08 September - 09 November 2013

My first exhibition on waterdrop photography took place in 2013 in the Merkel’sches Bad in Esslingen, a beautiful public bath in the Art Nouveau style. It was kindly supported by Stadtwerke Esslingen (SWE). The opening of the exhibition took place on 08 September during the open day of the bath. There was a lot of interest in the exhibition, and the venue fit very well with the topic: water.

A few impressions from the day of the opening:

IMG 7722 3 4 tonemapped.jpg

The main bath in Art Nouveau style.

20130908 IMG 7668 69 70 tonemapped.jpg

Part of the exhibition in the cafe of the bath.

20130908 IMG 7686 7 8 tonemapped.jpg

Entrace to the bath with the main motive of the exhibition.

Additional pictures of the open day on the homepage of SWE.

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